Staff Directory

Our administrative and clinical team is made up of a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of expertise. We aim to change lives for the better every day by providing the best care possible to low-income and underserved patients in Lane County.

DeLeesa Meashintubby, Executive Director

Send Email (541) 222-7312

Marion Diermayer, MD, Co-Medical Director

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Julie Arendt, Finance Manager

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Catherine Coffman, RN, Charitable Pharmacy Nurse

Send Email 541-222-7323

Barbara Foster, RN, Nurse Coordinator

Send Email (541) 222-7327

Elena Herrera, RN/NP, Nurse Practitioner

Send Email 541-222-7329

Elise Kimmons, Referral Coordinator

Send Email (541) 222-7322

Diane LeClere, Events/Marketing Coordinator

Send Email (458) 205-6366

Cynthia Nicholson, RN, Patient Care Coordinator

Send Email 541-222-7326

Julia Robleto Flores, CHW, Community Health/Interpreter Coordinator

Send Email 541-222-7321

Vicki Stave, RN/RD, Diabetic Education/Dietitian

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Alice Tallmadge, Grant Writer

Send Email (541) 222-7334

David Van Driesche, RPh, Pharmacist

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Belen Rodrigues, Front Office Coordinator

Send Email 541-222-7313

Duc Vo, MD, Medical Director

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