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We are here for you

We understand that you cannot live your life to the fullest without access to affordable health care. At Volunteers In Medicine, our mission is to provide our patients with the preventive care and services they need to be healthy and happy.

Eligibility Protocol Until the Emergency Medical Period is Over

Patients are deemed eligible to receive VIM services if they fall within our financial eligibility guide lines. Please call 541-685-1800 to talk to a Screener about eligibility. The Screener will conduct a short Pre-Screening interview on the phone and schedule an eligibility screening appointment if appropriate. Eligibility is based on an individual’s GROSS household monthly income and their liquid resources.

To protect our volunteer eligibility screeners and to limit the number of people in the clinic, the following changes to the eligibility process will be implemented immediately:

  •  Returning patients, whose eligibility expiration is not more than 6 months past due, will not be required to do a re-screen until the emergency medical period is over.
  • Patients scheduled for an eligibility re-screen appointment will be called and told  not to come in and that their eligibility has been extended at least through this medical emergency period.
  • Potential new patients will have 2 options for completing the eligibility screening:
    • They may schedule a 20-minute phone interview on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning, Tuesday evening, or Thursday afternoon.
    • May bring in, mail, or email to us their basic contact information with a signed statement providing their gross household income for the past 3 months and the number of persons in their household.
  • For the time being, we will not require photo ID’s, completion of the Patient Responsibility form and the Authorization to Treat form until the patient arrives in person to the clinic.
  • All eligibility forms during this emergency period will be kept separate and not permanently filed until all the processes have been completed on the application.

Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

VIM eligibility is based on the average monthly gross family income for the last 3 months. Over eight family members, add $338 per child.
# In Family85% FPL VIM Services300% FPL VIM Services

Our services

Our services include primary health care, women’s health care, behavioral health care, diabetes management and counseling, physical therapy and more. Learn more about our services here.

New Patients

All new patients must go through the eligibility screening process and be approved for services before a medical appointment is made. The process takes 15 minutes. Allow 30 minutes for a couple.

Current Patients

All current patients need to be re-screened to update their eligibility every year from their initial screening date. This appointment must take place prior to medical appointments past the original eligibility expiration date.

Screening Appointments

Appointments must be scheduled in advance. Call 541-685-1800 and request an eligibility screening appointment. Please be sure to cancel in advance if you cannot keep your appointment so that we may see someone else.

The following information is required at the time of your eligibility screening appointment: You will be rescheduled if you do not have all the required information at the time of the screening.

  • Proof of residency for Lane County, Monroe and Harrisburg vicinity. (Bring a photo ID, Driver’s License, and documents with your name/address.)
  • Proof of all household gross income for married couples and live-in partners for the last 3 months. Official verification/documentation of the following items is required:
    • Pay stubs for individuals and couples, for the last three months
    • Income from unemployment
    • Social Security, pensions, and related retirement income
    • Child support and alimony
    • Interest income, income from rentals
    • Other income from other sources

For higher education students receiving loans and grants for school:

  • Copy of the loan or grant

For self-employed: bring official proof of the following items:

  • Profit and Loss Statement-monthly or quarterly for the last 3 months
  • Income statements or ledger of monthly income for the last 3 months
  • Business bank account statements showing deposits for the last 3 months
  • Tax return (applicable only early in the year)


We do see patients who have medical insurance with a deductible of $2,500 or higher and meet VIM income requirements.

Motor vehicle accidents and on-the-job injuries

We do not see patients whose medical condition is related to a motor vehicle accident and/or an injury that involves Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

Not Eligible for VIM Services?

There are other agencies in the community that are able to provide medical care to those patients who are ineligible for VIM clinic services. Contact us to learn more or with any questions.